Premiere: Supersonic Blues Machine – “The One”

In a Blue Rock Review premiere, stream “The One,” the brand new track from Supersonic Blues Machine. “The One” is featured on the band’s sophomore album, Californisoul, available October 20th.

“The One is probably the most representative song of the whole California soul-attitude that is the spirit of Californisoul.  I cannot hide the huge influence that artists like War, Santana & Jefferson Airplane had on my upbringing. Artists with a very definite sound that was without a doubt their own take and progression of the Blues/Soul lesson of the greats,” Supersonic Blues Machine’s Fabrizio Grossi told Blues Rock Review.

“The musical aspect of “The One” is drenched with those influences, it’s a simple blues progression, but it’s very Latin percussive groove and its buttery toned guitars stand and belongs to the whole California dream, just like a Lowrider would sit well at home at the corner of Alvarado and Temple in downtown LA,” Grossi added.

“Even though not everyone in the Supersonic Blues Machine’s circle of friends is a California native, we definitely become part of that legacy of sounds that our adopted and beloved State is so much famous for.  Lyrically It’s a song of a promise of love. When you father a little girl that you hold in your hands at birth, and witness, day by day, growing into a beautiful person of her own right, you cannot wonder about how her life will be when the most important man in her life (you!) will not be around. The bond you have built with her thorough out the years will go beyond that, and you know that your spirit will always be there to remind her of the love and the lessons you shared with her from her birth to your own passing. It might sound sad, but actually it’s a quite a beautiful and loving thought.”

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