Pam Taylor: Steal Your Heart Review

Pam Taylor’s latest solo album Steal Your Heart walks genre lines, teetering from blues, to country, to ’80s rock, and anything in between. She pulls from various contrasting genres not only from song to song, but from moment to moment, note to note. The frequent shifts are seamless, and when Taylor does cross a genre line, it feels incredibly natural. These changes offer something for everyone, speak to her great versatility, and beg the question, what has Pam Taylor been listening to all of these years?

The most striking element of this album is accessibility. The genre crossing allows for a wider audience than most, and her melodic ideas are intuitive and singable. Pam Taylor’s voice  is approachable and pleasant and the songs themselves have the remnants of pop songs from any given time period or region throughout American history. That is, any given time period or region except for this one. For that reason, a listen to “Squeeze Me” could send the listeners back to a time and place they’ve never been. It is vintage and dreamy, yet also familiar.

The accessibility and familiarity of the album should not, however, be mistaken for sweetness. There is still something very gritty about Steal Your Heart. The fully mixed and mastered studio album has nothing overly polished or phony about it, and the listener gets a good sense of what the live show could be. The vocals, though beautiful, have serious backbone to it. Underneath what is sweet and feminine is something very rough.

Pam Taylor is never shy to shred, and she is a quite versatile guitar player. She is very liberal with her solos in a freeing, relaxing, and exciting way. Each solo is a welcomed change. It’s as if she is leading the way for two minutes of every song, and then graciously gives the audience the reigns.

The entire album is incredibly refreshing. Pam Taylor really seems to be having a great time. Songs like “Squeeze Me” and “Mountain” have fun, movable melodies, with lyrics, that though certainly serious and true, have an element of humor to them. Each song reads this way, as if it were written by a person who loves doing this, but also doesn’t take herself too seriously. This is a very exciting album, not only for Pam Taylor, but for any music lover searching for some authentic roots.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Mountain
– The Rain Song
– Make You Mine
– Squeeze Me

The Big Hit

– Squeeze Me

Review by Alexandra Veltri

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One thought on “Pam Taylor: Steal Your Heart Review

  • Everyone should check out this Album.Pam puts her heart in every song I only have one problem with the album, it wil not come out of my CD player, lol yes it is that good!!!???Mountain is an awesome time as well as the remainder of tunes. ❤️❤️??


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