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Jonny Lang is back with Signs, his first studio album since 2013’s Fight For My Soul. Many long time fans of Lang have been clamoring for more blues and more guitar, and according to Lang, that was a point of emphasis as he told Blues Rock Review in a recent interview.

Signs¬†begins with the first single, “Make It Move,” a raw, bluesy track showcasing Lang’s powerful vocals. The pace picks up on “Snakes” and rolls into “Last Man Standing,” which has a bit of Foo Fighters influence and features a catchy chorus. Next up is the title track, “Signs,” which is a blues rocker that has a bit more of that Jonny Lang guitar playing fans were hoping for. Things switch gears with the soulful “What You’re Made Of” before heading into the powerful “Bitter End,” which might just be the highlight of the album. Lang sings about all the craziness in the world today wondering whether we’re going to repeat history or learn from past mistakes.

Things head back into the soul direction with “Stronger Together” and then to the funky blues rock of “Into The Light.” “Bring Me Back Home” is a ballad with some beautiful, soulful guitar playing. “Wisdom” goes back to that raw blues sound Lang wanted to get across on the album. Signs concludes with the euphoric “Signing Songs.”

Overall, Signs is an album that brings out the best of Jonny Lang in different styles. There is more guitar and blues here than some of Lang’s previous efforts, which should make long time fans happy, but we also see Lang continue to expand on his songwriting. The end result is an album filled with wonderful music from a truly talented artist. Signs is a winner.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Make It Move
– Last Man Standing
– Bitter End
– Into The Light

The Big Hit

– Bitter End

Review by Pete Francis

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  • March 26, 2018 at 11:58 pm

    Old person here 64 love you……… are awesome. listening to you along time since you began your startup.. WHY??
    IA City IA


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