Harlis Sweetwater Band: Holler Stomp and Growl Review

The Harlis Sweetwater Band is back with its third release, Holler Stomp and Growl. With a voice like gravel soaked in bourbon, Mr. Sweetwater starts things off hard with “Better Than Whiskey” and the album proceeds with ass kicking tunes up till “3:30 In The Morning” where we get some reprieve.

Sasha Smith delivers us some much-needed B3 Organ on “In the Morning” while Harlis provides some Tom Waits-esque sounding lyrics. “Sad Man” puts some up front emphasis on the horn section with Ken Shaw on trumpet for the album, and Geoff Yeaton on the saxophone (although it should be noted that Filiberto Quintera is currently on tour playing saxophone for the band).

Mr. Sweetwater may know everything there is to know about loneliness, sorrow, and pain, but luckily for us he also seems to know a good deal about writing a great song about it. While Harlis Sweetwater plays guitar and bass on the album, in addition to lead vocals, Bobby Abarca plays bass for him live. His drummer Jimmy Sena plays live and tours, and was also on most of the tracks of the album with Nick Colliflower stepping in for “Maldavo Stew” and Greg Garcia adding his beats to the mix for “Resting in the Arms of an Angel” and “3:30 In the Morning”

While the Harlis Sweetwater band may hail from southern California they sound like Texas and Tennessee got a divorce and lost a great band to California in the custody battle. This album is perfectly balanced with great guitar riffs, horns in just the right places, and organs right where there needs to be.

The Review 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Better Than Whiskey
– Sad Man
– That Was Yesterday
– Trouble
– Wheels on the Mile

The Big Hit

– Wheels on the Mile

Review by Jeremy Schantz

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