Robert Randolph and the Family Band: Got Soul Review

Got Soul is the fifth studio album from Robert Randolph and the Family Band featuring Johnny Gale and Eric Gales on the guitars, Derrick Hodge on bass and the Randolph family with Lenesha on vocals, Marcus on drums and of course, Robert on pedal steel guitar and vocals. The album is a mix of funk and soul with blues rock and even gospel throughout. The album is produced by Matt Pierson and captures a jam band full of energy and power. Robert keeps on mastering the instrument and gives the album his unique sound. He’s also a talented vocalist with great songwriting skills. Special guests on the album include Anthony Hamilton, Darius Rucker and Cory Henry.

Got Soul opens with the title track, starting with a bright (pedal steel) guitar riff, it’s an enjoyable song with wonderful backing vocals matching with Robert’s voice. When you start to wonder if the song is over, the energetic “She Got Soul” comes out with a powerful riff, featuring Anthony Hamilton on vocals. It’s like the first two tracks complete each other. “Love Do What It Do” is one of the best tracks, with Darius Rucker delivering a categorical vocal and a catchy melody. “Shake It” is a funk song full of horns boosting it. Cory Henry shows up to help on an admirable cover of Sam & Dave’s “I Thank You.” The version was re-imagined with a great performance by the band that’s closer to the ZZ Top version of the song. The band’s gospel roots can be heard on “Be The Change” and “Find A Way.” Robert’s pedal steel guitar shines on instrumental songs like the beautiful “Heaven’s Calling” and the accelerated “Travelin’ Cheeba Man,” showing his top skills on the instrument. “I Want It” has a standout riff and perhaps Robert’s best solo of the album. “Lovesick” is an energetic funk song. Got Soul ends with the optimistic “Gonna Be Alright.”

Got Soul shows how consistent Robert Randolph and the Family Band is. Robert Randolph’s skill makes this album very exciting. A virtuosic pedal steel guitar player is something very unusual on this music genre, and releasing consistent albums makes him an innovative artist.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Got Soul
– She Got Soul
– Love Do What It Do
– I Thank You
– I Want It

The Big Hit

– Love Do What It Do

Review by Pedro Matta

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