Robert Cray: Robert Cray and Hi Rhythm Review

Five time Grammy winner Robert Cray is at it again, this time with the Hi Rhythm band out of Memphis, Tennessee. Cray is a veteran with over 4o years in the business creating a timeless sound, that at this point has been around so long it has helped define the genre. With a back and forth between soulful love tributes, and unrequited love songs, the album runs the gamut between true emotions and starry eyed sentiment. Cray has teamed up with producer Steve Jordan and the Hi Rhythm band for this album which was recorded at the legendary Royal Studios in Memphis.

The album begins with a beautiful rendition of Bill Withers “The Same Love That Made Me Laugh.” Cray’s original tracks on the album include “You Had My Heart” and “The Way We Are,” which pull at the heartstrings, while “Just How Low” is a political commentary just when one is needed. Cray also selected two Tony Joe White songs to add to the album and White, a fan of Cray, actually joined him in the studio. First up is “Aspen, Colorado” (a complimentary song to White’s “Rainy Night in Georgia”). Later we get Cray’s rocking version of White’s “Don’t Steal My Love.” Also featured on the album is a tribute to O.V. Wright’s “You Must Believe in Yourself” as well as Mac Rice’s “I Don’t Care” and “Honey Bad.”

Robert Cray delves across genres with a rock solid base topped with blues and soul, a sprinkle of gospel, and a hefty helping of R&B.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– The Way We Are
– You Had My Heart
– The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
– Aspen Colorado
– Just How Low

The Big Hit

– Just How Low

Review by Jeremy Schantz

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