Left Lane Cruiser: Claw Machine Wizard Review

Left Lane Cruiser sounds like a combination of the Black Keys, Junior Kimbrough, R. L. Burnside, and a hint of rockers Clutch and even Kyuss thrown in at times. On Claw Machine Wizard they deliver an album full of the catchy chord progressions and repetitive trance inducing rhythmic constructions that you cannot help but nod your head and tap your foot along with. Back to a duo it is amazing that a duo can put out this much sound.

From the opening title track, “Claw Machine Wizard,” with its piercing cyclical guitar lead over the driving under rhythm that starts the track they deliver an in your face punch of the stripped down punk blues sound for which they are known. “Booga Chaka” is a powerful primal rhythmic blues, which is a great counterpoint to the much more mellow and laid back “Lay Down.” “Still Rollin” is a raucous take on the retro dirty juke joint tune that has an interesting break at the 2:30 mark. “Smoke Break” is a stimulating hazy instrumental that makes interesting use of a repetitive percussive twang that I just cannot identify.

Starting out with a drumbeat and then adding a thick distorted guitar riff, “Indigenous” evokes a bit of Clutch with its dark and expansive feel. “Liquor Store” ends this album with more of that fuzz drenched vigorous guitar work and powerful rhythmic percussion that is everything that you expect from Left Lane Cruiser.

Claw Machine Wizard delivers more of Left Lane Cruiser’s signature pounding sound. There is a reason that these guys were featured in the score of the hit TV show “Breaking Bad.”

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Claw Machine Wizard
– Still Rollin
– Smoke Break
– Indigenous

The Big Hit

– Claw Machine Wizard

Review by Kevin O’Rourke

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