The Brew: Shake The Tree Review

It’s hard to believe that all the sound in Shake The Tree comes from just three guys, but loud must run in the family. The Brew is a father son duo of Kurtis Smith on drums, and dad Tim Smith on bass. Joining with front man Jason Barwick and his phenomenal guitar skills and vocal range, they have created a recipe for rock that really hits the spot.

The trio does not disappoint when it comes to being hard, fast, loud and bold. Shake the Tree is the latest release from this amazing band who’s releases also feature the self titled The Brew back in 2006 and A Million Dead Stars in 2010.

The album starts off with a high-energy track “Johnny Moore,” an anthem of pop and power that leaves your toes tapping. The energy doesn’t stop there it continues with an edgy darker track, “Knife Edge,” then right into the album’s namesake “Shake The Tree.” Not for the feint of heart, this epic song hints at the bands influences of Led Zeppelin and Wolfmother, but also drops in some hints of grunge, like Alice N’ Chains, and Soundgarden. This unique sound continues throughout the album especially on tracks like “Black Hole Soul,” while “Name On A Bullet” keeps the grunge, but adds elements of pop influence reminiscent of bands like Fall Out Boy. The album stays strong with high-energy tracks all way to the end with “My Juliet.”

The Brew has a polished well-rounded sound on Shake the Tree that mixes the bands influences into a modern take on rock that keeps you guessing but never disappoints.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Johnny More
– Shake the Tree
– Knife Edge
– Black Hole Soul
– Name On A Bullet

The Big Hit

– Johnny Moore

Review by Jeremy Schantz

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