Mr. Sipp: Knock A Hole In It Review

Knock A Hole In It is the latest album from Mr. Sipp (Castro Coleman), also known as “The Mississippi Blues Child.” After many years as a gospel musician he moved to the blues scene as Mr. Sipp. As a bluesman, he has won awards such as the International Blues Challenge and Gibson Best Guitarist. You can’t go wrong with it, it’s an impressive blues album powered by Coleman’s terrific guitar playing, vocal range capabilities and songwriting skills. Along with Castro, the album has an extensive personnel, including Jeffrey Flanagan, Carrol McLaughlin, Kimble Funches, Jessie Primer III, Robert Lamkin, Stanley Dixon and Murph Caicedo.

Knock A Hole In It opens with the title track, bringing a feeling of your eyes popping out, the energy through the song is astonishing. The next track, “Bad Feeling,” a truly cool blues song, shows Coleman on fire with his guitar and makes you wish the song never ends. “Stalking Me” is another great one and it’s curious to see that Castro Coleman, a renowned gospel musician, sings and writes these songs. You can see Coleman’s gospel background on the ballads “Sea Of Love” and “Baby Your Mine.” His amazing vocal range shines on these ballads. Coleman looks unstoppable with his guitar on “Gotta Let Her Go” and “Going Down,” keeping the album at a high level. “Juke Joint” brings to light his Mississippi roots. There’s space for slow blues on “Strings Attached” and dancing blues on “Turn Up” and “Love Yourself.” Knock A Hole In It closes with a superb eight minutes long Jimi Hendrix cover, “Little Wing.” Castro stayed true to the original version and added an instrumental version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the end. We can notice Jimi Hendrix’s influence since the first track and this cover is the perfect way to end the album, Hendrix would be proud.

Knock A Hole In It shows that Mr. Sipp is an incredible blues artist and it can be at the top of your list for a while. It’s difficult to choose the album’s best songs because it’s an impressive album with many tracks totally worth checking out. Mr. Sipp is versatile and can surprise you many times in the same album.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Knock A Hole In It
– Bad Feeling
– Stalking Me
– Gotta Let Her Go
– Little Wing

The Big Hit

– Bad Feeling

Review by Pedro Matta

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