Hector Anchondo Band: Roll The Dice Review

Roll The Dice is the latest album from Hector Anchondo Band featuring Khayman Winfield on drums, Josh Lund on bass, Justin Shelton on harmonica and Hector Anchondo on guitar and vocals. Roll The Dice shows a talented band with everything you need in a blues rock album, including an outstanding harmonica performance. The Fender Stratocaster tones with Hector’s spectacular guitar playing reminds you of the classic guitar heroes.

Roll The Dice opens with the energetic “Dig You Baby,” with the talented Amanda Fish as a special guest boosting the song with an incredible vocal performance. It’s probably the best track, with a boogie riff, the song shows wonderful guitar and harmonica solos. “Masquerade” is another great combination of guitar and harmonica, as well as the title track, and Hector’s suave vocal styling fits very well on those songs. Hector keeps the energy with “Face It Down” and “That’s How It All Goes,” great tunes with distinct influences. “Sometimes Being Alone Feels Right” is a ballad that takes you to the melancholy and sad world of the blues. With an exquisite guitar intro, Peter Green’s “Black Magic Woman” cover is beautiful and the band gave Hector space to shine with his guitar for seven minutes. The album closes with an emotional slow blues “Here’s To Me Giving Up,” a great way to end it.

Roll The Dice is an album that can establish the band, a good ten track blues rock album. Hector Anchondo is a very talented blues player, and hopefully he can present us with much more blues rock music with his band in the near future.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Dig You Baby
– Masquerade
– Roll The Dice
– Face It Down
– Here’s To Me Giving Up

The Big Hit

– Dig You Baby

Review by Pedro Matta

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