Top 10 Richie Kotzen Songs

Guitar extraordinaire and singer/songwriter Richie Kotzen has had quite the career. He’s released 20 solo albums with another on the way in 2017. Kotzen is a currently a member of The Winery Dogs supergroup with Mike Portnoy and Billy Sheehan and with so many great songs over the years, Blues Rock Review decided to tackle Kotzen’s top 10 songs to date. 

10. “Fooled Again”

“Fooled Again” is from Kotzen’s 2007 release Go Faster. The track is also featured on The Essential Richie Kotzen. It’s a groovy jam especially great in the live environment.

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9. “Angry Boy”

“Angry Boy” was a single released in 2010 that also appeared on A Best Of Collection. A song about living in the moment with a great sing along chorus.

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8. “Don’t Ask”

“Don’t Ask” appeared on Kotzen’s 2003 release Change and is a song about moving on from a toxic relationship. Very catchy.

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7. “Lie To Me”

“Lie To Me” is from 2009’s Peace Sign and is another song about a relationship going a stray, this time getting cheated on but not wanting to accept the reality of the situation. A song many can relate to.

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6. “Stop Me”

“Stop Me” appears on 2011’s 24 Hours and features an infectious chorus where Kotzen sings about an old flame that can’t get out of his head, which is fitting because the song has the same effect.

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5. “What Is”

“What Is” is the title track from Kotzen’s 1998 album and recently appeared on The Essential Richie Kotzen. An acoustic verion was also on 2003’s Acoustic Cuts and it’s a relatable track about contemplation.

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4. “High”

“High” is a very appropriate title because the song explodes in the chorus with vocals that soar to great heights. Featuring a silky smooth chord progression, “High” is a signature song that has appeared on multiple albums throughout Kotzen’s career.

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3. “Am I Dreamin”

“Am I Dreamin” is another track from 2003’s Change album and begins with some tasty latin flavored guitar and features absolutely soaring vocals. This track is a perfect example of when everything comes together in a song from the vocals to the songwriting and playing.

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2. “Shine”

A shining jewel in Kotzen’s career and a number one hit in Japan, Kotzen wrote “Shine” for Mr. Big and the song has appeared in various forms over the years. It’s a staple of Kotzen’s live show and has also been performed with The Winery Dogs.

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1. “You Can’t Save Me”

“You Can’t Save Me” is Kotzen’s signature song appearing on 2006’s Into The Black. “Fuck your money, fuck your fame, fuck my life, I’ll walk away, fuck our love, fucking I’m sorry for anything I’ve ever done, you can’t save me!” These are not lyrics you hear every day and perhaps that’s why the song resonates so much with listeners. “You Can’t Save Me” is an intense rocker with a killer vocal performance that pulls the listener in and never lets go.

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  • Misunderstood, Sacred Ground and Fear should have been mentioned

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