Aynsley Lister: Eyes Wide Open Review

Aynsley Lister’s latest album, Eyes Wide Open, released Oct. 7th is a full on sneak peak into the dressing room of his soul. It highlights the ups and downs of not only his expansive and wonderful music career, but also his life. Lister got his start at 13 and has been working hard everyday touring, playing countless festivals and winning quite a few awards along the way. For this album, Lister paired up with Steve Amadeo on the bass, and Boneto Dryden on the drums, Andy Price is showcasing the B-3 Hammond reverberation among other keys styles.

The album itself has a classic blues sound with a modern edge. Not too poppy, not too dirty, Eyes Wide Open walks the Goldilocks line of well-balanced blues all the way through.

The album kicks off hot with “All of Your Love” and keeps things going that way until “II Grande Mafioso,” which starts off with almost a flamenco feel before diving down into some deep south style bayou blues, reminiscent of Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” from HBO’s True Blood. One of my personal favorites was “Right As Rain,” a unique rhythm with smoking guitar work. This track is a diamond in a jewelry store of great tracks. Another favorite, “Time,” drives the album along with a downbeat on the drums, and a repeating riff that keeps the tempo up.

All in all, Eyes Wide Open is another amazing notch added to the well-worn blues belt of growing British blues legend, Aynsley Lister.

The Review 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Other Part Of Me
– II Grande Mafioso
– Right As Rain
– Time

The Big Hit

– Other Part Of Me

Review by Jeremy Schantz

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