Davy Knowles: Three Miles From Avalon Review

Chicago based Davy Knowles is at it again with a new album Three Miles From Avalon. Dripping with classic blues riffs and intricate guitar work this is exactly what we have come to expect from an artist who has not one, but two, top three billboard blues chart albums. This newest venture Three Miles From Avalon does not disappoint. Knowles co-produced and recorded this album in his base of operations Chicago with friend Anthony Gravino.

My favorite track “Oxford MS”, a story song of violence and torment pushes this album from amazing, to astronomically amazing. Meanwhile, “Never Gonna Be The Same” sounds like Knowles stretched the south side of Chicago all the way down to the bayou. It has a slick and humid sound that leaves you sweating for more. Moving right along we have the albums namesake, “Three Miles From Avalon,” which creates a downbeat whirlpool that pulls you in and keeps you there.

“What You’re Made Of” on the other hand is like getting a chiropractic adjustment from a jackhammer, you know it’s probably a bad idea, but it’s impossible to resist once it’s offered.

This album is a powerful and compact explosion of blues that brings together the classic sound of Chicago with southern and delta blues.

The Review 8.5/10

 Can’t Miss Tracks

– Oxford MS
– What You’re Made Of
– Three Miles From Avalon
– Never Gonna Be the Same

The Big Hit

– Oxford MS

Review by Jeremy Schantz

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