Ty Curtis: Blame Me Review

Ty Curtis is back with a down and gritty new record called Blame Me. Ty’s newest album is packed with soul, blues and ripping guitar riffs. This latest effort also features some of the most heart-felt, emotion tugging vocals to come out in several years.

The album opens with “That’s Good,” an old school rock number that showcases Ty’s soulful vocals and over -the- top guitar playing. “That’s Good” rolls right into the title track, which was also the first single from the record. “Blame Me” is a hard rocking track about relationship woes. Ty’s soulful rock vocals, reminiscent of Paul Rodgers reign supreme and stand out above everything else. “Back Again” shows of Ty’s killer guitar work. He shifts gears on the  slower more soulful “I Can Say,” but still has those electric guitar moments interspersed at times occuring like exclamation points at key moments in the song.

Some other moments of note include, “Shake It Up,” which builds gradually in to a louder, blues rock track with the electric guitar having its own voice.”Urge and Temptation” is a roots reggae rocker with great vocal moments as well. Blame Me closes with the old school soul of “Never Get My Love.” This is hands down Ty’s best performance on the entire record. It’s one of the those rare productions with a great dance groove and down right mean guitar work.

The overall production is what you would expect from a blues man. It’s tight and punchy. Longtime drummer, Jerry Jacques, and bassist, Tony Valdez, drive Ty’s performance, like a jockey on the final lap of the Kentucky Derby. Blame Me is an impressive set of burning blues rock tracks with very tasteful southern rock overtones. It is a great addition to any blues rocker’s collection.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– That Good
– Back Again
– I Can Say
– Never Get My Love
– Blame Me

The Big Hit

– Blame Me

Review by Lou Lombardi

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