Top Electric Guitars to Play Rock and Blues

Though we might not all be vying to be rock stars, there’s something great about having a brilliant guitar for rock and blues. While these genres might seem rather different, the following guitars are great multitaskers.
Fender Stratocaster

You’ll no doubt find this guitar on any list of top guitars, as it’s such a good all-rounder. Though it might not be a top of the line guitar, it has such a great vibe to it. You know what we mean, you pick it up and love playing it from the first instant.

Of course, the debate over American versus the Standard rages on – though the former will cost you a great deal more. The center of the debate is that the Standard is made in Mexico, which some people believe to mean that it’s lower quality. It’s more of a buying American thing for most people, where the instruments are pretty much the same.

If you have your heart set on the American version then new online casinos could help you win the jackpot you need to purchase one. If you’re new to these games then an explanation about new sites and the games they offer might be in order. If you score big on a progressive jackpot you could buy a house made of these guitars.

Gibson Les Paul

If you’re looking for a guitar that really has a deep richness and quality of sound then a Gibson Les Paul is your best bet. Comparing it to the Stratocaster shows just how different it is in a range of tones. If the Stratocaster is a rebellious teen, the Gibson Les Paul is its even more rebellious, bigger brother.

This guitar shines when it jumps between blues and rock, as it handles both with aplomb. You will need to have the amp to help it shine though, so no low quality rip-offs when you’re using this guitar. Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelin, fame is probably one of the most famous guitars to use one of these fantastic instruments but if you don’t think so then you can scrap it out in our forum.

Epiphone Dot

Say you haven’t cashed in on that big casino win or just don’t want to spend more than you have to on your guitar. Epiphone are a company that are owned by the aforementioned Gibson and make replicas of their instruments. These are much more cost effective and offers a similar experience to the original.

Their Dot guitar is a replica of the Gibson ES-335, which was most notably played by BB King in his time. You can recreate the sounds that came from King’s guitar, who was named Lucille, with the Epiphone Dot at a much lower price. It’s a semi hollow guitar that has the power to unleash the blues just the way you want to.

Each of these guitars have the power behind them to perform, it just depends which tone you want. These are our top three but we’d love to know what yours are, so leave them in the comments below.

Adam Barney

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