Royal Southern Brotherhood: The Royal Gospel Review

The Royal Gospel is the latest album from a blues rockers Royal Southern Brotherhood, which had has a rotating cast. Currently it is Cyril Neville (percussion/vocals), Bart Walker (guitar/vocals), Tyrone Vaughan (guitar/vocals) and Yonrico Scott (drums) with new blood Darrell Phillips (bass/vocals), plus the wonderful B3 from Norman Caesar. No matter the current line up, the spirit of the music has been the foundation of the band.

“Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire” has screaming guitars and deep groove bass line with powerful drums that build through out the track. In “I’ve Seen Enough to Know” we see that Cyril Neville is basically Isaac Hayes meets a Baptist preacher. This song is so deep in the groove it takes us three tracks to get out of it. “Hooked on the Plastic” is a wah pedal extravaganza of feel good fun. “Can’t Waste Time” sounds like it skipped out on the last four decades and traveled straight from the ’70s to land on this album unscathed by the influence of the ’80s pop, ’90s grunge, and over produced sterile sound of the ought’s. It’s like finding an untouched silver dollar in your grandpa’s dresser. “Stand Up” is almost out of place, a political song on an album of mostly personal tracks. But it leaves you with the just got out of church on a Sunday afternoon feeling.

The Royal Gospel is a well-designed sermon. It’s fervent in the beginning with messages of love and family in the middle. Then finally a uniting bonding feeling as you make your way out of the pews and back into the real world. The album should come with a paper fan and a guide to the hymn book.

The Review 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
– I’ve Seen Enough To Know
– Can’t Waste Time
– Hooked on the Plastic
– Stand Up

The Big Hit

– Cant’ Waste Time/Stand Up

Review by Jeremy Schantz

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