Diana Rein: Long Road Review

Diana Rein, known and referred to by her fans as the Six String Siren, a suiting name for the Romanian born and Chicago bred electric guitarist returns with Long Road.

Long Road begins with the title track. The album has three ballads, one that touches the soul without the use of a single word, just Diana and her Fender giving a speech with every sound the strings create “Peace,” the closing track; then we have the heartache put into music, despite the emotion and close to dramatic lyrics, they hit the right note, rock is still rock, besides, how blues would it be without the gloomy mood that ended love brings? The best of both worlds (or genres). Give a good listen to both the heartbroken “Wicked” and the pleading “Don’t Walk Away.”

All of the songs in the album explain, in different levels, parts of her as a musician and as a person. In “Wild One” she even makes a reference to one of her biggest influences, Stevie Ray Vaughan, who could easily be imagined stomping his feet and nodding in approval listening to her solos in the electric guitar driven “Down Down Down” “Livin’ Loud” and “Green Light.” There are tracks with personality of their own, cool tracks, hell, James Dean cool “Rebel With a Cause”; There are the big badasses, “Come Back Home” and “Done Me Dirty,” cuss out all you want, Diana gets how you feel.

Keep an eye out for Rein, as she has joined forces with Paper Moon Gypsys, and things seem promising.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Long Road
– Peace
– Wild One
– Green Light
– Rebel With a Cause

The Big Hit

– Long Road

Review by Sofia Avila

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