No Sinner: Old Habits Die Hard Review

When bombshell singer songwriter Colleen Renison looks in the mirror she sees No Sinner. That’s not a testament to her character, literally the band gets it’s name from Rennison spelled backwards. After a critically acclaimed EP titled Boo Hoo Hoo, No Sinner is back with another full length album, Old Habits Die Hard, and they don’t just die hard, they hit hard, too.

As mentioned, Colleen Rennison belts out the vocals of No Sinner and while she might drink cheap whiskey she sounds like fine scotch. Eric Campbell, who by the sound of the album, doesn’t play an axe so much as a switchblade joins her. Ian Browne pounds out the beats like a construction road crew juggling jackhammers, and Matt Cimirand fills in all the potholes on bass.

The album kicks off with “All Woman” where Rennison tells us just where she stands as a woman, which is on a keg filled with dynamite. “All Woman” starts off as a high-speed car chase then escalates to motorcycles, then helicopters. “Leadfoot” brings it down at first, but then adds tornadoes to the high-speed helicopter chase. In fact, we don’t really get to catch our breath until “Hollow,” which slows things down a little for a lyric driven jam. Then “Get it Up” throws us into an underwater scuba fight scene. “Friend of Mine” adds sharks, then we get piranha. By the time we get to “Lines on the Highway” somehow the sharks and piranha are riding motorcycles shooting lasers.

Old Habits Die Hard is a royal flush in a game of no limit Texas hold’em Poker. Old Habits Die Hard is the music Michael Bay dreams in.

The Review 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– All Woman
– Lead Foot
– Hollow
– Lines on the Highway

The Big Hit

– All Woman

Review by Jeremy Schantz

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