Prophets and Outlaws: V EP Review

Texas does it better, and the Prophets and Outlaws new EP V is proof. The Dallas based band has taken it up a notch, and created a dynamic set of songs. Listening to it is quite an emotional roller coaster, you have the mood boosters like “Show Me” as an opening track, that does an amazing job introducing their sound, “Party Like This,” probably the most rock-inclined out of the whole EP; The motivational rock hit “Were Gunna Make It” and “Lonely,” a slow and soulful rock blues ballad dripping with country roots.

The guitar/drum ratio is perfect, just the right amount of cymbals, giving the song “Outlaw Like Me” that vibe that screams blues in every sense of the word.

Pick any scenario, and you’ll be able to picture yourself listening to the album, rainy day in, or driving around the city, by a bonfire at the beach or walking your dog, their music fits everywhere, and just leaves us eager waiting for a complete album.

The Review: 9/10

The Big Hit

– Outlaw Like Me

Review by Sofía Ávila

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