Moreland and Arbuckle: Promised Land or Bust Review

After a history of self produced independent records, Moreland & Arbuckle have released its first album with Alligator Records, Promised Land Or Bust.

Americana vibes, oozing with feeling, gives not only a taste but more of a bite of what blues rock hybrids are about, it has country’s southern feel, blues’ rural soul and rock’s screaming drums and electric amplification. Looking for a clear example? “Take Me With You (When You Go),” the first track and a great introduction.

This record looks back to the origins of the trio and their roots in different music genres all combined in M&A’s sound. “When The Lights Are Burning Low” and “I’m a King Bee”  just to name a couple, as most of the album, give an image of dirty and hard-working hands playing the strings, sweaty palms over the piano tiles, drums mimicking heartbeats and a voice coming from a mouth with a whole lot of stories to tell. It has snippets of contemporary sounds, but stays true to rural blues through and through.

Promised Land or Bust is listening to the narrative of a series of unfortunate events with two sides in every story or track. There is the side that the voice shares, and there is also a legend told by the instruments, a harsher one perhaps.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Mean and Evil
– Mount Comfort
– Waco Avenue
– Why’d She Have To Go (And Let Me Down)
– Long Way Home

The Big Hit

– Long Way Home

Review by Sofía Ávila

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