Broken Witt Rebels: Georgia Pine EP Review

Broken Witt Rebels are back with Georgia Pine, a fresh new look at blues seen through the eyes of some classy lads who know how to rock. Broken Witt Rebels consists of Danny Core churning out lead vocals backed by Luke Davis (Bass) and James Dudley (Drums), and finally James Tranter fills out their sound on lead guitar.

The 5-track EP kicks off with “Low,” a high-energy classic sounding song with guitar reminiscent of Deep Purple, if you could somehow knock Deep Purple up a notch with your spice weasel. Meanwhile the album’s namesake “Georgia Pine” is a mellow two-step, sprinkled with elements of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room.” Another favorite, “Getaway Man,” is a softer slow boil song that showcases the guys’ ability to hold back and be subtle.

Fresh from playing at the Camden Rock Festival as well as two Time Out London Concerts, these Birmingham boys are about to kick off a UK tour that’s sure to impress anyone crazy or brave enough to wander into the crown of sound that these mates make.  This EP is a can’t be missed extravaganza of sound.

The Review: 8.5/10

The Big Hit

– Low

Review by Jeremy Schantz

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