Mitch Laddie Band: Let You Go Review

Let You Go is the third studio album from Mitch, Matt, and Rhian of the Mitch Laddie Band. Mitch Laddie was signed with Provogue Records at the young age of seventeen and has continued to fine tune his guitar skills. After touring for three years, The Mitch Laddie Band has become well known among the European music scene.

Let You Go starts off on a soft, jazzy note with the track, “And Another Pt. 1,” transporting you into a dimly lit, smoky cafe as if the band were just warming up for a show. The following tracks bring in plentiful smooth, bluesy guitar riffs. It’s almost as if the bass and electric are conversing throughout the album.

Moving along to the 5th track, “Three,” adds a funky ’70s vibe with the electric guitar in the beginning, later breaking into an impressive solo that carried the song through to a solid ending. When you hear the next groovy track, “Your Time, Pt. 2,” you will wish it lasted longer.

“Still she lingers like sour taste in your tongue,” are lyrics found in the song, “Linger.” Clearly this song is about a relationship gone bad. “Cut loose,” the next track almost continues the story of the previous song including the lyrics, “She’s insane,” and “Cut Loose From Your Woman.” The bass and electric melt together perfectly once again, and the bongo and tambourine are brought in creating a funky vibe. “Hear Me In Harmony,” is about learning how to get yourself back up after getting hurt. The track includes the lyrics, “It’s really hard to sing when nobody hears your song.” He is realizing that to achieve harmony, you have to let go of the bitterness of the past.

Once you listen to Let You Go, you will understand why The Mitch Laddie Band are popular in the UK. They have the ability to bring a variety of sounds together successfully, creating unique music that will get you groovin’.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Three
– Your Time, Pt 2
– Cut Loose
– Crimson
– Hear Me In The Harmony
– Let You Go

The Big Hit

– Hear Me In The Harmony

Review by Emma Oliver

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