Dirty Streets announce “White Horse”

Dirty Streets have announced the release of the upcoming release, “White Horse,” due out November 27th on Alive NaturalSound Records.

Frontman Justin Toland said about the album, “We wrote and re-wrote tons of songs and it really ended up hitting a great point as far as expression. We recorded at the renown Ardent Studios in Memphis with our friend Matt Qualls this time, who is a great engineer and really helped in forming the sound of the record. It became a very pure time creatively for us and I feel we locked into something we hadn’t previously. Over all, it worked out in a way that we could take more time to find our sound than we previously had.”

Track Listing

1. Save Me
2. Looking For My Peace
3. Accents
4. Think Twice
5. When I See My Light
6. Good Kind Of Woman
7. The Voices
8. Good Pills
9. Plain
10. Dust
11. White Horse

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