Bryce Janey: Delta Road Review

Delta Road makes 10 solos discs recorded for Bryce Janey. You have to be pretty darn good to manage to record that many legitimate albums. Things are not any different on this album. The same cast of characters returns with Bassist Dan Johnson and drummer Eric Douglas. If you have heard his recent albums then you are already familiar with Janey’s powerhouse guitar playing combined with a distinctive gravelly voice that backs it up. This stuff clearly straddles the line between the blues and rock.

Bryce’s guitar leaps off the starting line with “Keep Marchin’ On” and the rock continues with a tribute to the unique bond between a player and his instrument on “This Old Guitar.” Perry Welsh makes an appearance to lend some harmonica on the rockin’ blues tribute to Robert Johnson on “Delta Road.” A distinct Southern roadhouse vibe continues on “Shake The Walls (With Foot Stompin’ Music)”. “Feels Like A Stranger” rocks along and has some very expressive solo work as Bryce laments on the state of a failed relationship which lends itself to a pertinent transition to the aptly titled slow blues of “Better Off With the Blues.”

A splendid spot on rendition of Rory Gallagher’s 2003 release “Lonesome Highway” is one of two covers. Yes, it was released after his death but originally recorded back in the ’70s.  Bryce does it justice.  “World of Trouble” is a poignant comment on the state of affairs in which we currently exist where “Too many people have something to say, No one even hears a single word, The words don’t fix nothing anyway.” Things get funky with “Same Old Thing.” With wahwah laden rhythm guitar and a solo that is filled with quickly hammered on notes, ringing overdriven tones and quick changes in the pace this is song is anything but what the title suggests it is. “Time Doesn’t Wait” slows things down a lot as he morns the senseless loss of a friend. If anyone doubts Bryce’s blues credibility, though they just have to give a listen to the closing track, an acoustic dobro driven version of Robert Johnson’s “Hellhound On My Trail.”

Bryce continues the family legacy of delivering great guitar driven blues rock for us to savor. There are some tracks that should placate the blues purist and thrill anyone who just wants to hear a some talented rock guitar work. Either way it is a pleasure to take a ride with Bryce down the Delta Road.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Keep Marchin’ On
– Time Doesn’t Wait
– Same Old Thing
– Better Off With the Blues

The Big Hit

– Same Old Thing

Review by Kevin O’Rourke

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