Albert Cummings: Someone Like You Review

Someone Like You is the exciting new album from carpenter turned blues-man, Albert Cummings.  There are plenty of great tunes, soulful vocals and of course there is a plethora of  ferocious guitar work.  The sonic territory is diverse but well executed.

The album opens with the hard driving rocker “No Doubt.”  Immediately the David Z production is heard. The snare drum will take your head off. The Z and Cummings combination is a winner from the outset. All of the tracks have a very muscular sound. Even the ballads sound tough.

Some highlights include, the Delbert McClinton inspired swagger of ”I Found You” and the southern rock ballad “So Strong.” Both demonstrate Cumming’s Gregg Allman-esque vocals very nicely. The up tempo boogie rock of “Stay Away From My Sister” and the slow blues “Little Bird” are good examples of what Albert can do with more traditional forms. The latter showcases Albert’s well honed phrasing and ability to solo in a jazz style over traditional blues changes. One of the most interesting tracks is the instrumental “Meatlocker.” Here Albert gets into Robben Ford territory soloing effortlessly over the rhythm changes in the chorus. These forays into jazz-blues are a real treat and leave the listener longing for more.

Someone Like You is Albert’s seventh album and his first collaboration David Z. and guest guitarist Jimmy Vivino.  Over the years, Albert Cummings  has gained a reputation for putting out consistently good material and Someone Like You continues that tradition.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– No Doubt
– I Found You
– Finally In Love
– So Strong
– Meatlocker

The Big Hit

– I Found You

Review by Lou Lombardi

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