Jared James Nichols: Old Glory and the Wild Revival Review

Jared James Nichols brings his EP into full swing for his first full length album of the same name, Old Glory and the Wild Revival. The old glory harkens back to his roots, while the wild revival is the energy and passion given to an everlasting genre. His classic rock roots and soulful blues give the feel that these tracks were cut long before his time. The album is well worth a listen for all blues fans alike.

Jared brings tasteful progressions and catchy riffs to each track on the album. “Blackfoot” and “Can You Feel It” were infectious tunes brought over from the EP. “Can You Feel It” and “Get Down” both boast a happy-go-lucky riff and lyrics you can find yourself singing along with. “Sometimes” offers a Southern rock twang. “Playin’ For Keeps” is a non-stop thrill ride of solos and rollicking guitar licks, with constant tempo changes that keep you on your toes.

Jared is a very talented lyricist, vocalist and lead guitar. He and his band will continue on to bigger and better things as his audible gold reaches the masses.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Blackfoot
– Can You Feel It
– Crazy
– Get Down
– Playin’ For Keeps

The Big Hit

– Playin’ For Keeps

Review by Don Tice

2 thoughts on “Jared James Nichols: Old Glory and the Wild Revival Review

  • My son in law wants the Jared James Nichols album book set. Where can I get it. I can be reached at 603-568-3371 I need this before 12/07/17 Thank ypu

  • where can I find the lyrics of album Old Glory and the Wild Revival?


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