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Soulstack fronted by singer, guitarist, and producer Jon Knight, along with Chris Latta (Baritone Guitar), Daryl Peterson (bass), Mark Wessenger (keys and vocals), Tom Bona (drums) and Matt Wedinger (keys) walked into a studio and captured their sound live to a classic 2” analog Studer tape machine. Alabama Swamp, Funky, Neo Classic Soul, ’70s Rock and Roll – they all describe Soulstack (self-titled) the latest release from this Canadian band.

There is a little bit of Boz Scaggs and Steve Miller Band undercurrent in their sound that permeates everything on this album. 10 original tracks of wailing organs, reverb filled guitars, and a powerhouse of a rhythm section that grabs your attention immediately with the stunner “Just Don’t Call It The Blues.” What a way to open the album. Sitting on your couch can almost picture yourself cruising down the road in the big vehicle pictured on the album’s cover as the infectious rhythm of “Can’t Take it With You” take over.

The soul roots of the band are evident in their channeling of Ben E King’s sound in “Little Fire Alive.” With a driving beat, “Lot of Good Men” is about that woman who has broken lots of hearts along the way. Things mellow out slightly but the groove does no let up with the love song ballad “Tip of My Tongue,” which has a fantastic piercing, picked chord solo followed by a great break where Jon’s vocals are featured. “No Man’s Land” is a straight ahead grungy rock and blues. “Love Thing” lightens things up somewhat with a funky rhythm.  They wind things down with “Time Don’t Wait,” another soul-drenched plea to save a dying relationship.

The self-titled Soulstack truly achieves its desire to deliver an album with the “sonic vibe of the records we love.” I hate to steal a line from one of their previous reviews, but just like their last release, once again, there truly is not a weak track and it is tough to pick a clear-cut favorite. Pick this up and spread the word because this really is a great collection of tracks by a phenomenally talented group.

The Review: 9/10                                                                                                                      

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Just Don’t Call It The Blues
– Lot of Good Men
– Tip Of My Tongue
– Can’t Take it With You

The Big Hit

– Just Don’t Call It The Blues

Review by Kevin O’Rourke

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