Turk Tresize: If It Is to Be Review

What better way to welcome summer than with a new blues rock album? Three days into the season of sun and sand, singer/songwriter Turk Tresize of Australia will welcome the release of his second album If It Is to Be. Though Tresize didn’t pick up a guitar until age 20, it doesn’t show in his music – it sounds as if Tresize has been practicing blues riffs all his life. From the rocking album-opener “Cold Honey” to the pondering “Gravy Train,” Tresize puts the genre through its paces from its southern roots to its modern rock infusions.

As with many blues musicians, Tresize created an album that sounds like it hits close to home. Musicians from every genre weave personal threads into songs, but this seems to happen more in the blues than anywhere else. Lyrics aside, Tresize’s songs are real and earnest – when his vocals take the lead on “Cold Honey,” the rawness of his voice propels the song, convincing listeners of the honesty behind his stories. It is this rough quality that makes If It Is to Be an interesting listen. While the instrumentation of the record is similar to most blues rock albums released nowadays, Tresize is good at convincing his audience that he means every word he sings.

Sprinkled among fast-paced tracks like “Whole Lotta Crazy” and “Car Park” are sensitive songs that sound as heartfelt as their titles. “Sweet Monica” opens with delicate acoustic strumming that contrasts nicely with Tresize’s gravelly vocals. With its organ beginning and serious lyrics, “Gravy Train” stands out as one of the album’s most soulful tracks, an introspective deviation that fits nicely between the calm “101” and rhythm-heavy “Car Park.” Though “Abita” isn’t entirely unique, it is one of the album’s shining moments, benefiting as much from its instrumentation as from Tresize’s fitting vocals. A true sampling of the blues’ many variations, If It Is to Be shows Tresize exploring the genre that he has found an artistic home in.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Cold Honey
– Gravy Train
– Abita
– Sweet Monica

The Big Hit

– Cold Honey

Review by Meghan Roos

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