Slim Wray: Post No Bills EP Review

Post No Bills is the second proper release from the New York-based trio Slim Wray. The EP, which started as a Kickstarter project back in January, is meant to be a bit of a celebratory release for the “Take It or Leave It” single, the EP’s opener, but this definitely doesn’t mean that the following five tracks are meant to be taken as B-side material. Slim Wray’s fuzz-drenched take on modern blues incorporates a healthy sixties influence, most obviously heard on the cuts “Firing Line” (think early Cold War Kids) and “Ride” (which has a heavy Rolling Stones/Who influence).

The EP was recorded live, which is probably the only appropriate way for any garage band to record. Post No Bills comes off raw, sparse, but not empty. The whole thing is presented with a frantic energy that somehow feels subdued; “The Way I Get By” works as a great example of this, alternating between chirping guitars that almost sound ska-influenced and a “whoa-oh-oh” chorus layered over a garage-rock chord progression. This type of restrained energy permeates the EP’s six tracks, making Post No Bills a pleasant foray into fuzzy garage rock.

The Review: 7/10

The Big Hit

– Take It or Leave It

Review by Richard MacDougall

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