Kamchatka: Long Road Made of Gold Review

Kamchatka haven’t lost their tongue-in-cheek self-awareness. On the newest addition to their discography, the Varberg, Sweden trio immediately advertise their brand of southern rock with a mountain-inspired banjo riff. Of course, it would be doing Andersson and company a disservice to write Kamchatka off as being simply another southern rock band; Kamchatka’s music has always smacked of influences leaning a little to the left (hell, Kamchatka was conceived in the afterglow of a Jimi Hendrix tribute show featuring all three current members), and when the banjo returns partway through the record’s opening cut “Take Me Back Home,” it’s in the middle of a fantastic breakdown that features slamming power chords in a progression that sounds a little closer to Led Zeppelin than it does ZZ Top.

Where Kamchatka’s last release, The Search Goes On, focused on clever and quirky delivery, Long Road Made of Gold is a little more straightforward and driving. Tobias Strandvik’s drumming doesn’t have as many opportunities to shine on this one, but when his characteristic bursts of snare do show up it’s a little bit sweeter. Likewise, Andersson isn’t quite as frantic on the guitar as last time, often favouring thick, powerful riffs over the jangly sounds of The Search Goes On. Heavy, muted power chords are a staple on Long Road Made of Gold, and this often gives Andersson’s vocal melodies a chance to stand out, especially where the melodies are a little unexpected (like on the post-punk inspired verses of “Human Dynamo).” This isn’t to say that Kamchatka don’t indulge in being a little more conventional – one of the record’s stand-outs, “Long Road,” pairs Strandvik’s rumbling percussion with Andersson’s slide guitar in an effort to make you remember what heat stroke feels like, and the slow, heavy dirge of “Who’s to Blame” works as a much-needed head-rocking centerpiece.

Kamchatka have developed a characteristic aesthetic throughout their career, but they’ve always given themselves enough wiggle room to be able to offer fresh, interesting material. Long Road Made of Gold carries on this tradition by sounding decidedly like Kamchatka without uncomfortably close to previous material.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Take Me Back Home
– Human Dynamo
– Who’s to Blame
– Long Road

The Big Hit

– Take Me Back Home

Review by Richard MacDougall

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