Eliana Cargnelutti: Electric Woman Review

Eliana Cargnelutti is an Italian blues guitarist, and while she’s a familiar face in the Italian scene, Electric Woman is her international debut. As an introduction to what Cargnelutti’s all about, Electric Woman does a good job of showcasing a well-rounded blues musician and vocalist. A closer look at Electric Woman might be a little less satisfying, however. Too many moments fail to connect, and the album feels a little underdeveloped in places.

The track “Freedom” is a great example of this. It’s pretty solid song structurally and incorporates a good guitar hook, but since it’s really the most interesting part of the song, “Freedom” relies a little too heavily on it. The minimalistic power chord crunches during the chorus making the song sound hollow where Cargnelutti’s powerful vocals are begging instead for an equally impressive backdrop. This song can be difficult to enjoy lyrically as well; the chorus of “Freedom is not a choice/ freedom, it is my voice” matches the song’s unfortunately hollow sound. Likewise, the sexual themes of “I’m a Woman” feel a little stale with lines like “I’m a woman/ and I’m sexy/ now it’s my time/ your man is mine.” Still, Cargnelutti’s vocal performance on this track hits its mark. Even in the lines just mentioned, Eliana demonstrates incredible vocal control.   The Warren Haynes number “Soulshine” makes an appearance, and while the track offers a refreshing change of pace and Cargnelutti’s soulful vocals seem a perfect match on paper, in practice something just doesn’t connect.

Not everything on Electric Woman is quite as shaky. The call-and-repeat on the cover of ACDC’s “There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin” might feel a little cliché, but it’s in a guilty pleasure sort of way. “Street Corner Talking” revolves itself over an infectious creeping guitar lick, and “Eliana’s Boogie” is exactly what it sounds like and makes for a great closing track. Electric Woman is kind of odd; it showcases (what appears to be) a very developed blues musician despite itself being quite underdeveloped. It’s very unlikely that you’ll listen to this without appreciating Eliana Cargnelutti, but its well within the realm of possibility that you might not appreciate Electric Woman.

The Review: 6.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Street Corner Talking
– There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin’

The Big Hit

– Street Corner Talking

Review by Richard MacDougall

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