Patrick Aprea: Latest Hits EP Review

Powerful lyrics and an eclectic blend of instruments drive home a well-polished EP on Pat Aprea’s Latest Hits. A clever title for a young rising star looking to market his brand of rhythm and blues, the album spans the sounds he has come to embrace.

‘”Baby Holds A Heart” opens the album and there is a reason why. It has elements of classic Southern-rock, but it strays just far enough that every chord keeps you guessing. The song is bluesy, with tasteful lapsteel guitar licks by ‘Whiskey’ Jack Untz woven throughout. Nicole Boggs provides a ‘one-woman gospel choir’ of soothing backing vocals that give the track some good old Southern comfort. “Rocking Chair” exhibits funky keys, provided by producer Ryan Prewett, and a refreshing blast of brass by Ben Clark on trumpet.

For a change of tempo, Pat transitions to a little country on “Without You,” showcasing the fiddle and mandolin. Rollicking keys reminisce something out of an old western saloon. The upbeat, catchy chorus gives us something to tap our feet and sing along with. “Where Did We End Up” merges soulful blues with Southern rock, evoking the likes of Stevie Ray. Spitting suave lines of lyrics, spiraling into a bellowing roar, Pat delivers a passionate vocal performance, with tones of Dave Matthews’ technique.

Latest Hits has brought the talent of Pat Aprea into the eyes of the industry, but he does not plan to stop there. As his cover art may invoke, this train has only just pulled onto the tracks.

The Review: 8.5/10

The Big Hit

– Baby Holds A Heart

Review by Don Tice

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