Hunter and the Dirty Jacks: Mixed Company and the Midnight Hokum Review

Despite having been formed only two years ago, Hunter and the Dirty Jacks are not anywhere near rookie status.  Though they’re new kids in town, their presence graces they genre of blues rock with style and grace, and a heavy load of authentic musicianship.  Aside from the actual music itself, the production of their second album, Mixed Company and the Midnight Hokum is a clear exhibition of their purity.  Recorded completely analog on 2 ½ inch tape, 100% acoustic, while their family and friends listened, is a rare technique used in a studio setting.

The first half of Mixed Company and the Midnight Hokum opens up with a forceful introduction.  Acoustic guitars are met with gritty vocals and swinging percussion on the first track, “Back On Shaky Ground.”  This “feel-good” swinging groove drives the energy through the beginning of the album.  The second track, “Bad Bad Bad” introduces the subtly intelligent use of a harmonica and southern-style guitar riffs.  It is the blend of subtle hints and incorporation of diverse instrumentation that demands undivided attention.  Assigning these tracks to open up the album was ingenious, as they showcase musicianship that demands, and deserves, undivided attention.

The second half of the album drives just as hard as the first half, pumping through up-beat melodies and elegant acoustic flair.  The arrangement of each track on Mixed Company and the Midnight Hokum was created with the utmost care, and attention to detail.  The small, but enriching tactics used to showcase the acoustic authenticity is what truly sets Hunter and the Dirty Jacks apart from other blues-based rock bands creating and producing music over the past two years that they have worked together as a band.  Most musicians that release live acoustic studio albums are viewed as multifaceted professionals that have multiple successful albums of music under their belts, but Mixed Company and the Midnight Hokum proves that Hunter and the Dirty Jacks have the capabilities to run with the big dogs.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Bad Bad Bad
– Alexandria
– Stormy Monday
– Leave The Cap Off The Bottle
– Smoking Gun

The Big Hit

– Bad Bad Bad

Review by Jackie Howell

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