Dani Wilde: Songs About You Review

When it comes to Dani Wilde’s latest album, Songs About You, simplicity is the key behind its beauty.  Letting emotion shine through is what Wilde does best on each of these tracks.  By toning down more bold elements, such as guitars and percussion, the elegance in her vocals and acoustic guitar melodies, Wilde has left the door open for softness to fall all around the emotions conveyed through her intelligently written lyrics.

The album’s first track “Open Road” introduces Wilde’s dreamy vocals enveloped with pale piano choruses and light acoustic guitar patterns.  It is this style of instrument, vocal and melody pairing that offers a firm handshake of appreciation in the album’s initial introduction.  “Open Road” leads into “Change Your Mind” and continues the soft ambiance of the first song.  It is on “Change Your Mind” that Wilde’s songwriting abilities shine with lyrics such as, “given all of my heart away / but its not enough to make you stay / nothing that I could do will save me / or make you change your mind.”  These heart-felt lyrics are laced with the same softness and gracefully elegant instrument melodies as the first song, which bleeds over into the rest of the album, allowing each track the opportunity to capture Wilde’s authentic musicianship.

The album’s climactic moment is “Let Me Be Your Sunshine;” capturing all of the same soft ambiance of the first half, while breaking through on Wilde’s songwriting and vocal abilities with raw emotion.  The rest of the album’s tracks to follow, “Time,” “Begging For Love,” and “Diamond in the Dark” all carry the same weight of heavy emotion that “Let Me Be Your Sunshine” holds, and burns on with the after taste of the melodies’ and lyrics’ power.  Songs About You comes to a close with two of Wilde’s best works yet, “Flame” and “Cruel World.”  These are two tracks in the album’s second half, that return to the powerful introductory songs and borrow the same elements that made them breathtakingly simple, yet pack just as much beauty as the first two.  Closing the album with these two tracks, borrowing the same elements as the opening, wrap the album in the same way it was introduced: simply beautiful.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Change Your Mind
– Flame
– Begging For Love
– Loving You
– Let Me Be Your Sunshine

The Big Hit

– Let Me Be Your Sunshine

Review by Jackie Howell

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