Eliza Neals: Breaking and Entering Review

Eliza Neals returns with Breaking and Entering and the gritty soulful blues singer delivers more of her signature sound.  Eliza had a hand in writing all 12 tracks on this album with the occasional contribution by fellow Detroit bluesman Howard Glazer who provides the guitars on much of the album along with a few guests.

Things start up with Eliza’s raw and raspy delivery over the Howard’s jangly dobro rhythm on “Detroit Drive.” This transitions into the slow blues title track “Breaking and Entering” where Eliza displays all sorts of vocal hijinks as she growls, and howls. “Goo Goo Glass” is a rocker with a catchy chorus that you will find yourself humming after you are finished listening to this album. Kenny Olson who is probably best known for playing guitar with Kid Rock guests on a couple of tracks including “You,” which starts out as a slow swirling song where Kenny’s guitar provides some great fills behind Eliza’s vocals and eventually breakouts on its own with a truly rock and roll solo in the middle of the song.

“Pretty Gritty” starts out with a boogie piano rhythm and that lively feel continues throughout the song as it morphs into a blues-rock workout. Kenny Olson returns for the appropriate titled “Southern Dreams” where the laid-back groove evokes that ’70s southern rock sound with Kenny’s swirling guitar in the back. “Sugar Daddy” has a completely different set of musicians on it including Shane Visbal on guitar who supplies some excellent licks. The change provides a different vibe than the rest of the album. This track sounds like it could have marched straight early Chicago or Detroit R&B studios. It gets a little repetitive with the vocal lyrics but the playing underneath that is excellent. “Spinning” is a heavy slow blues that features just an overdriven guitar and just Eliza’s voice for the majority of the track.

There’s plenty of pop radio ready tracks on here also like “Windshield Wipers” and the catchy “I’m The Girl” and a radio edit for the title track to end the album. Hopefully this album gets Eliza some noticed for not only her gritty, powerful voice but also her songwriting.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Goo Goo Glass
– You
– Spinning
– Breaking and Entering

The Big Hit

– Breaking and Entering

Review by Kevin O’Rourke

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3 thoughts on “Eliza Neals: Breaking and Entering Review

  • Thank You Blues Rock Review! I follow you guys/gals lol
    on Twitter and your always right on! Thanks for lending me your ear. Hope to meet you in May XoX

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  • Great album, great vocals and guitar. I agree with the “Can’t Miss Tracks”; I’ve spun all of those on my radio show. Plus I’ve also been spinning “Jekyll and A Hound” along with “Detroit Drive.” LOTS of great music on this CD. Keep rockin’!


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