Kris Pohlmann: Taylor Road Review

The drive down Taylor Road with Kris Pohlmann is an adrenaline-pumping, forceful experience, similar to that of a high-speed car scene in a movie. Force being the operative word to describe Kris Pohlmann’s latest album, Taylor Road. Not because any of the musicianship or production is “forced,” as those elements flow naturally throughout each track. But, Taylor Road is one of those albums that plows through the speakers, with power, attitude and grit at the wheel of the driving force behind each song.

Anthemic guitar riffs at the first beat of “Used To Be” give off a mischievous impression, as if this is a brand new theme song for an outlaw. The ambiance of heavy grit carries on through to the title track, all the way to the climatic peak of the album, “Ain’t Cryin’ For Yesterday,” a fist-slamming song about moving forward and refusing to look back. Which is then followed up by the album’s second half that mimics the feelings of nearing the home stretch in that long, dangerous car ride that was first introduced. The last track, “The Long Goodbye” ends on the highest note, as if the sun was beginning to set on the journey down Taylor Road. The lyrics of despair of saying “goodbye” are greeted with the same power-packed guitar riffs introduced in the first track, and it is this graceful style of musical arrangement paired with intellectual lyrics, that brings the forceful drive of the album to a close.

Taylor Road is one of those muddy, gritty rock albums that drive on, track after track, with intense feeling, both musically and lyrically. Metaphorically, a high-speed, dangerous car ride in a sports car, down a dusty, empty road, with no particular destination in mind, just to leave behind a past life, is the same vibe conveyed through the attitude of the album as a whole, all the way from the first track that takes off with a bang, slows down with a drag in the middle of the long destination that finally reaches that beautiful sunset of a “Long Goodbye.”

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– One Good Reason
– Taylor Road
– Used To Be
– Taking Back What’s Mine
– Tarantula

The Big Hit

– One Good Reason

Review by Jackie Howell

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2 thoughts on “Kris Pohlmann: Taylor Road Review

  • February 5, 2015 at 5:53 pm

    i like this, it has a gritty feel and a refreshing style. There is none of the played by formula of so many artists.


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