Ian Siegal: One Night in Amsterdam Review

One Night in Amsterdam is Ian Siegal’s second album in less than a year. While 2014’s Man & Guitar is an intimate acoustic affair, One Night In Amsterdam showcase’s Ian Siegal’s prowess as a rock and roll frontman and performer. Siegal is a soulful singer-songwriter with amazing vocal power. Imagine Robert Earl Keenan or John Hiatt  with the explosive soul of Joe Cocker or a young Van Morrison. That will get you close to what Ian Siegal can do with a song, a band and an audience.

 Ian is also a  great storyteller and a bit of a philosopher, but never preachy. When he sings refrains like “…everything’s temporary” or “the writing’s on the wall”… it never sounds trite of cliche’  because of the nuances that he weaves throughout the lyrics. He is able to create beautiful imagery without letting you forget that this is a rock and roll show and that he’s here to bring the music.

On One Night in Amsterdam, Ian leads the band through a rock licking set of amped up americana-blues-based-roots rock backed by his Dutch-German band. The line up includes Raphael Schwiddessen (drums), Danny Van’t Hoff (bass), and Dusty Ciggaar on lead guitar. The band is tight and aggressive. They’re concise when it’s needed and can jam when turned loose. There’s the hard driving alt country of ”I am the Train,” the tex-mex flavored “Galio Del Cielo,” the tender “Early Grace” and a gorgeous rendition of the classic “Love Hurts.”  The dynamics are all well timed, taking the listener on a memorable emotional roller coaster ride. While the entire band is amazing it’s Dusty Ciggaar’s guitar work that  is the real stand out. Every note quietly screams “guitar hero” without ever over-stepping or stealing the show. For example, his vamping and soloing on “Queen of the Junior Prom” is a lesson in how to compliment a song, and show what you can do with six strings  while leaving the audience none the wiser.

One Night in Amsterdam is an instant classic in the tradition of other classic live albums like Mad Dogs and Englishmen and  Live at Liberty Lunch.  If you love great singing and songwriting performed by an amazing band, you will absolutely love One Night in Amsterdam.

The Review: 9.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– I am the Train
– Kingdom Come
– Queen of the Junior Prom
– Love Hurts

The Big Hit

– I am the Train

Review by Lou Lombardi

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