My Goodness: Shiver + Shake Review

My Goodness hits the stereo with guns blazing on its recent album, Shiver + Shake.  The grit that carries through track by track completely abolishes every commonality found in blues rock music.  The drawn out, wailing, smokey haze that is commonly associated with blues rock n roll is absent on Shake + Shiver. My Goodness have constructed arrangements free of conforming to what is expected of blues rock artists.  There’s a delicate crisp on the clicks of the snare drums, and a deep, muddy grit to each guitar riff, which resonates nothing short of pure organic musicianship in the creation of these arrangements.

The album opens up with the title track, “Shiver + Shake,” which gallops through the speakers at full force.  Leaving the rest of the tracks to follow, filled with just as much power.  The seventh track, “Cold Feet Killer,” brings the album to a peak of exponential height.  The lyrics tell the tale of a cold-hearted woman, and the instrumentation resonates the attitude of power-packed heart break, complete with subtle tambourines and thick guitars.  “Letter to the Sun” keeps up this power-packed groove, but provides a new vibe of rock-swing and the vocals are more smokey and heavy than the rest of the album, which sets the tone for the closing tracks to follow.  “Wrote a letter to the sun / Said don’t drink no more,” are the lyrics in this blues-swing track, which are so simple but convey the beauty behind the intelligent writing process for this album.

Upon the ninth track, “Bottle,” the album comes down slowly.  With deep, bluesy ballads, the power and drive of the first half, slows while still keeping the beauty in subtle guitar riffs and hazy vocals over the brilliant lyrics.  “Bottle” is a pleading cry to put the pieces back together of a broken relationship, and the use of one electric guitar and percussion only at the bridge, lets the subject matter of the lyrics hold the emotion.  Songs to follow, “Lost in the Soul,” “Say You’re Gone,” and “Hot Sweat” pack all the heavy emotion that “Bottle” does, and adds in the same dose of anthemic arrangement style that the first half like “Shake and Shiver” and “Cold Feet Killer” do.  The album closes with “Hot Sweat,” the heaviest track of the whole album.  Heavy being the operative word; heavy with the weight of emotion and powerful instruments to sustain the lyrics subject matter.

Shake + Shiver sheds light on the high level of musicianship that My Goodness is capable of, and then throws in a dash of intensity just to add an element of surprise, track after track.  My Goodness have created a staple body of work for their catalog that breaks down the boundaries of commonalities expected in blues rock music.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks 

– Bottle
– Cold Feet Killer
– Letter to the Sun
– Check Your Bones
– Lost in the Soul
– Hot Sweat

The Big Hit

– Hot Sweat

Review by Jackie Howell

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