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Jonathan Fox Band: 20 Something Runaway Review

20 Something Runaway is the second album that the Jonathan Fox Band has put out. The Texas native began playing guitar at ten years old, according to his biography, and shared the bill with many successful country acts like Adam Hood and Lee Brice before he decided he wanted to shy away from “mainstream country music” and began developing his own hard-rock, country-infused sound.

On 20 Something Runaway, the first track, “Lonely Got the Better of Me,” lets you know right off the bat that Fox is still a country boy. The wailing guitar accompanied by his southern twang makes for a good, hard rock song that highlights his still maturing vocals. Following that track is a feel-good tune called “My Own Drum,” where Fox puts his own spin on the classic theme of “marching to the beat of his own drum.”

For “Beatless Heart Blues,” Fox slows it down, leaving the listener with a bluesy love ballad sprinkled with some psychedelic sounds, all in between a slow snare drum and a somber-toned guitar. Later, on “Gotta Have Ya,” Fox returns to his hard rock melody, seeming to echo Jimi Hendrix, but seems to lose his country twang underneath the filter on his vocals. This blues shuffle is an easy one to sing along to, the words being only “Got to” and “Have ya,”for the most part.

The eighth track, “Van Gogh,” is a fun, upbeat tune that has a dark undertone, when Fox sings “Now I know why Vincent Van Gogh did it,” (referring to Vincent Van Gogh’s decision to cut off his own ear). Though it’s dark, the song is incredibly catchy with a fast snare riff and a wailing guitar solo smack dab in the middle. The hit of the album, “Death Wish,” comes two tracks later, mixing both a hard rock melody with a wailing steel guitar, a repetitive cymbal beat, and a buttery electric guitar riff that makes for a good dancing song. Maybe the best part is that this “death wish” Fox sings about “Stands at five foot one,” implying that it’s most likely about a woman in his life. On the penultimate track, Fox revisits track four, “Someday,” with a slow reprise, not straying too far from the original tune. To end the album, Fox goes extra-bluesy for his last track, “Cut Me Loose,” sliding up and down the neck of his guitar. These types of riffs seem incredibly easy to Fox, as he executes them so seamlessly, even though, as he sings “I get so caught up//I lose my cool.”  If Fox allows his vocals to mature, and to transcend with his guitar-playing talent, he will no doubt have success as a country-rock musician.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Beatless Heart Blues
– Front Page Cliché
– Van Gogh
– Death Wish

The Big Hit

– Death Wish

Review by Kiley Stevens

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