Ryan McGarvey: The Road Chosen Review

Ryan McGarvey has always gotten straight down to the fundamentals. His music is a very modern alternative, hailing high praise from critics and his rock idols alike. With strong vocals and a knack for the blues scales, the one man wrecking ball delivers another strong performance on The Road Chosen.

Ryan is able to offer many different sounds on the album, as he has done on albums past. From quick-tempered jams to acoustic ballads, he leaves no shade of his strat unearthed. The album draws us in with its opening track, “Memphis,” a heavy distortion slowly building until the bridge, then it’s off to the races for a signature solo. “Little Red Riding Hood” offers a soulful verse, leading into a fast-paced chorus riff. Ryan has a gift in his ability to be soulful, edgy and back to soulful again. His guitar speaks that very same language. The album does a good job of strapping you in to the rollercoaster of emotion Ryan emanates from track to track. One moment rocking out to his guitar pouring out heavy licks, flowing up and down the scale like Eric Johnson. The next you are hearing him pour his heart out in the trials and tribulations of romance. “Firework Eyes” embodies this ability to transition all in one track. Starting off slow and delicate, he hits you from out of left field with a rollicking riff right to the gut. His fast hands shine through on the soloing strewn throughout.

Ryan McGarvey is on the fast track to success. Already having played alongside the likes of Clapton and Bonamassa, he has garnered the praise and respect he truly deserves. This can only bode well for how the album is received.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Little Red Riding Hood
– My Heart To You
– Firework Eyes
– Goodbye Blues
– Wish I Was Your Man

The Big Hit

– Firework Eyes

Review by Don Tice

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