Blueheart Revival: Stone Feathers Review

Pillow-hugging and whiskey stains make up some of the subject matter of Blueheart Revival’s debut LP, Stone Feathers. A nine track melodic expression of despair with glimmers of hope, Blueheart Revival’s take on the blues is an easy, laid-back one that almost doesn’t quite match up with its lyrical themes. The five-piece outfit hails from Washington, DC, and Stone Feathers is the first LP the group has put out since forming in 2013 and releasing a four track EP almost immediately afterward. Perhaps it’s a result of this relentless pushing forward that Stone Feathers turns out a little bit forgettable – maybe the five musicians featuring on this record haven’t had time to fully develop their sound together as a band yet, and maybe this is why Stone Feathers feels a little too much like it was pressed out of a cookie-cutter.

Stone Feathers hits the ground running with a Sonny Boy Williamson cover (“Early in the Morning”) and is followed by a strong single (“On Her Wings Again”) that carves out a funky groove and features some nice call-and-repeat vocals, but from that point on the record starts to meander without ever really going anywhere. Great moments show themselves from time to time (the main riff on “Until We Shine,” the muddy acoustic blues and drifting harmonies of “Get It By the Grace,” and the sudden burst of energy at the tail end of “Morning Stranger”), but for the most part Stone Feathers seems perfectly content with not being particularly memorable.

Stone Feathers doesn’t have any huge flaw, and chances are good that it’s an album you’ll enjoy while it’s on. Will you remember to put it on a second or third time? I’d guess not. Blueheart Revival are a collective of five talented musicians, but hopefully later efforts see them developing a sound that’s a little more distinctly Blueheart Revival, whatever that may one day mean.

The Review: 6.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Early in the Morning
– On Her Wings Again
– Get it by the Grace

The Big Hit

– On Her Wings Again

Review by Richard MacDougall

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