Virgil and the Accelerators: Army Of Three Review

Inspired by those inspired by the blues, a long lineage of sound is channeled into the speakers pumping from Virgil & The Accelerators’ studio. The follow-up album to their debut, entitled Army Of Three, is produced by Chris Tsangarides, a man with quite the resume of his own. Bringing his classic rock past to the table, Virgil and the band stick to the sound they have forged, with undertones of the classic and blues rock that lie just behind.

The album is fueled with upbeat, catchy riffs donned by the lead man himself. With his brother Gabriel sitting front and center behind the drum kit, and the man who answered the call to fill the void, Jack Timmis on bass, this trio grant us access to yet another mastery of their sound on the album. With tracks like “All Night Long,” resonating heavy riffs the likes of Sabbath would surely appreciate; they place a modern spin to put on one hell of a ride. The beat amplifies to a screeching halt that builds right back up to close it down. “Give It Up” features yet another series of catchy power chords that kick and scream from start to finish. Virgil puts on a soulful show on vocals, giving way to some good old harmonica, a pleasant treat and segway back to the bluesy roots. “Free” closes the set, a touching ballad, full of the same finesse on each instrument.

Army Of Three embodies all the newly found signature sound Virgil, Gabriel and Jack manage to pack into one studio. Their modern take on the blues and classic rock motifs drives them to great heights. Heavy hitting guitars and squealing layers of sound are sure to please a diverse rock fan base.             

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– All Night Long
– Give It Up
– It Burns
– Stand Up
– Free

The Big Hit

– Give It Up

Review by Don Tice

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  • I have all their albums and was looking for gigs in 2018.I Have found none?
    I cant even find a website?
    Are they still together?



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