The Last Hombres: Odd Fellows Rest Review

Spacey keyboards native to that of The Doors are greeted by Tom Petty-esque vocals which are laced with twangy, steel guitars. These are the sounds heard on The Last Hombres’s album Odd Fellows Rest. This album seems like that of an elaborate experiment; mixing and blending their favorite technicalities from different genres of music. The result? A master craft style of music.

The first half of the album is blues-based, containing emotional songs arranged with jazzy instrumentation. The fourth track, “Mae West,” has bright vocals, with drowning steel guitars that create a beach-rock feel. The second half of the album is almost completely country-blues-rock, strong with elements of classic country. “Jenny Jones” is a track that could very well be mistaken for that of a country artist for the ’50s. With deeper vocal dynamics, smooth acoustic guitar riffs and verses that have few and simple words, this track sets the country blues vibe that closes out the album.

There is a special blending of instruments on Odd Fellows Rest, which combines music technicalities native to jazz, blues, rock, and country-swing. The opening track includes searing trumpets harmonized with trombones, which are then greeted by straight-laced vocals and bouncy acoustic guitars. Prominent steel guitar cries are met by up-beat snare drum rhythms and dynamic vocals, that sing lyrics of four or five word phrases. Although there isn’t overpowering language in the songwriting, the simplicity of the lyrics make the songs just as meaningful.

The entire vibe of this album is swinging jazz-country. Light and airy elements that carry the music and lyrics of despair and heartbreaking memories, make this album great for late night dancing on backyard patios or an outside beer garden.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Jenny Jones
– Save The Farm
– Gone Directly
– Doll’s Head

The Big Hit

– Jenny Jones

Review by Jackie Howell

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