Indigenous feat. Mato Nanji: Time Is Coming Review

“Be true to who you are and what you want to do.” In an exclusive Blues Rock Review interview last summer, Mato Nanji of the South Dakota-based blues group Indigenous (and current Experience Hendrix touring member) offered this sound advice to artists looking to break into the music world. Though Nanji’s words of wisdom are relevant to a wide range of art forms, they are particularly applicable to music that thrives on the hearts and souls of its creators – namely, the blues. A year after their 2013 release Vanishing Americans, Indigenous returned in May with their 10th studio album Time Is Coming.

For their latest project, Indigenous reunited with producer Mike Varney (who recently produced Pinnick Gales Pridgen’s summer record PGP 2), making this their third collaboration. As with PGP 2, Varney allows Time Is Coming the room it needs to breathe, giving Nanji space to stretch his guitar licks out and let the music take its course. Album opener “Grey Skies” moves along at its own pace, providing a catchy chorus with skillful guitar work that reminds listeners of Nanji’s Stevie Ray Vaughan influence. “I’m Telling You” and “So Far Gone” create a similar feel as Nanji contributes headlining guitar tracks and vocals to match.

Nanji gives blues listeners little reason to doubt his guitar mastery on Time Is Coming – his skill is as clear as it was on Vanishing Americans – but while Time Is Coming offers plenty of solid tracks Indigenous fans will be excited to hear, it does not break any new ground. The guitar licks are new, but the general sound and message fall in line with past Indigenous releases. Though more familiar than innovative, Time Is Coming is still a substantial collection that speaks to Nanji’s musical talent and sincere understanding of the blues.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Grey Skies
– I’m Telling You
– So Far Gone

The Big Hit

– Grey Skies

Review by Meghan Roos

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6 thoughts on “Indigenous feat. Mato Nanji: Time Is Coming Review

  • Give Won’t Be Around No More another listen. All the time Mato’s done on the EH tours is well spent on this track. I think this track is different than most of his earlier work.

    I also think Sun Up Sun Down and So Far Gone are very strong tunes. The album finish with Something’s Gotta Change followed by the classic slow blues Don’t Know What To Do are all exceptional tunes.

    Give those another try and I think you’ll find this is Indigenous’ best studio effort. Your observation that Producer Mike Varney gave the album the room it needs to breathe is spot on. “Time Is Coming” showcases Mato’s guitar playing nearly as well as catching a live show (but still catch him live whenever you can!).

  • I agree Mato along with Derek and Charles have grown as they have played together. As always they are gracious and thus far underated

  • Mato would you perform for a graduation or is it pricey also my daughter is the one graduating and she loves your music..I live here in Santee Nebraska..Please pm me on facebook Username MattieNo Dab Thomas..Thank you just checking she would be so happy…Thanks for the time.. Sincerly Kathleen Decora…❤

  • “Time Is Coming” is a powerful and emotional blues-rock song that showcases the raw talent of Indigenous and the unique voice of Mato Nanji. The song’s lyrics focus on the struggles and hardships faced by Indigenous peoples and their fight for justice and equality. Nanji’s soulful vocals and stunning guitar work are complemented by the band’s tight rhythm section, creating a powerful and moving musical experience. The song’s message is both timely and timeless, reminding us of the ongoing struggles faced by Indigenous peoples around the world. Overall, “Time Is Coming” is a standout track on “Vanishing Americans” and a testament to Indigenous’ talent and commitment to social justice.

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