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Catchy hooks and classic looks define Count’s 77, a hard rocking Vegas-based quintet set to headline today’s classic rock revival. With shades of ‘70s glam rock, ahem Tommy Paris, the band infuse all that hair and high tops with a more classic sound. Find them somewhere in the alley between the flats of Gene Simmons and Lemmy Kilmister, with a pinch more soul thrown in. A super group of sorts, Count’s 77 assembles a road tested crew certainly up to the task.

Wasting no time, the self-titled album propels its listener into the Count’s lair. With a distorted mute and a wah wah petal, the album kicks off with “Your Love Ain’t Right.” The slow builds gives way to a sizzling solo by Stoney Curtis, a seasoned guitarist in his own right. Danny “The Count” Koker directs each track with grizzly howls and a raging rasp, fueling the fire that is Count’s 77. A true ode to the roots of all great rock songs, the album’s tracks can be filed somewhere under the adage of sex, drugs, or straight up rock and roll. “Lovin’ Like This” packs a serious punch, with a catchy lead riff standing strong and proud. Stoney’s guitar wails on “Riding With The Sons Of Perdition,” dancing all the while around each verse.

Count’s 77 gives headbangers hope for the heavier side of rock and roll. They maintain a distinct correlation to the hard rock of decades past. A revived sense of raw, unadulterated energy gives the band a prominent foot in the modern rock doorway. It’s refreshing to see a band recycle a sound that’s been missing from today’s stage, adding new flare and fan base to the genre.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Your Love Ain’t Right
– Lovin’ Like This
– Shame On Me
– Riding With The Sons Of Perdition
– Snortin’ Whiskey

The Big Hit

– Lovin’ Like This

Review by Don Tice

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One thought on “Count’s 77: Count’s 77 Review

  • I have this CD and it rocks, I love especially “Save a little something for me” real Classic Blues love it they ROCK!!!!!!!!


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