Brother Dege: Scorched Earth Policy Review

Thick, comforting sounds of soulful blues, envelop Brother Dege’s summer mixtape, Scorched Earth Policy. No, this is not an ordinary full length album. Scorched Earth Policy comes complete with unexpectedly delightful bonus material! A compilation of demos, field recordings, and unique covers, the third solo album from Brother Dege sets the bar higher than any other blues album, to be the perfect soundtrack to accompany long tube rides down a river, with an 18 pack of beer this summer.

Unlike other blues rock artists, Dege has taken the hip-hop approach in releasing new music by creating this overpowering mixtape for summer 2014. Scorched Earth Policy has been created to enjoy all summer long, and carry into the fall and winter when summer withdrawals set in at the sight of frost and snow on the ground. Cloudy vocals full of rasp overload this album with strength. The twangy acoustic guitar lines blend with unabashed drums effortlessly, as if being played durning a porch jam session. Long, drawn out choruses met by simplistic melodies in the verses, add extra flair to each track.

With undertones of funky, psychedelic production techniques such as echoing background vocals and spacey, saturated drums, this album continuously offers up surprises. It is through these ingenious, creative ideas that has this album set far apart from other rigid forms of Delta blues rock. Dege has southern twang blended with the gritty heart of blues rock, down to a creative science. Scorched Earth Policy is a master crafted musical exhibition of powerhouse songwriting, and talent-overload on the instrumentals.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Yellabone
– Revolution
– Set It Off
– Promised Land (Demo)
– Tower of Babel

The Big Hit

– Revolution

Review by Jackie Howell

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