Pontus Snibb: Wreck of Blues Review

Pontus Snibb is a Swede that excels at American Blues. Snibb plays guitar and sings as a solo effort, but for this one, he’s brought a band to take the music one step further. Hakan Nyberg joins Snibb on Drums with Micke Nilsson on bass. The band sounds (and looks) like they’re channeling the best of ’70s Rock. Their latest album, Wreck of Blues is funky, gritty and danceable.

The first track, “More Blues and Blue Sounds” brings exactly that to the table. It’s a classic blues track that doesn’t sound dated. It sounds authentic. “Same Same” keeps the feeling rolling. Lyrically, “Same Same” is very fun. Most people can relate to the feeling of getting sick of going through the notions and this song hits on that with an array of metaphors that make even the mundane seem interesting.

“No Peace of Mind” features a unique percussion section. This song is set up well to highlight Snibb’s voice, which is very strong. This song seems made to be an interactive fan-favorite. A common theme in plenty of blues rock is the Boogie Man, and of course, Pontus Snibb was not going to pass up an opportunity to touch on the topic. In this iteration, Snibb compares himself to the mythical creature in the track “Boogie Man.” Plenty of electrifying guitar riffs are sprinkled into this song. “Longing For You” has a fantastic psych-rock vibe to it.

“I’m Walking” features a picking intro with an acoustic guitar, which gives Snibb’s voice a haunting sound. As the track goes on, the electric guitar is reintroduced to the album, which sounds great paired with the bass line of the track. In “Turning Back The Clock,” truly sings the sad woman-induced blues.

Wreck of Blues wraps up with the final two tracks. In “One’s Too Many” the bass line is deep and Snibb is able to harmonize pleasantly with two other vocalists. As the song goes on, we hear plenty of guitar riffs to please the guitar-happy fans. Leaving on a loud note, Wreck of Blues ends with “Keep on Loving Me.”

Wreck of Blues is easy on the ears. It’s an album that channels a classic blues rock sound without sounding like a broken record.  Snibb has a strong and smooth voice that is cohesive with tight instrumentals that don’t sound overly polished.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Same Same
– Longing for You
– I’m Walking
– No Peace of Mind

The Big Hit

– No Peace of Mind

Review by Alysha Rendflesh

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