Pinnick Gales Pridgen: PGP 2 Review

Less than 18 months after the release of their debut album Pinnick Gales Pridgen, PGP are back with a follow-up record that matches the supergroup’s earlier work in fervor and intensity. Of their first record, bassist and vocalist “dUg” Pinnick (King’s X) described the collaboration as natural, effortless and “built upon raw energy.” For PGP 2, listeners will come to the instant understanding that none of the band’s initial energy was lost in the time that lapsed between the two releases. PGP 2 is energetic and ambitious, a dynamic creation by musicians whose high performance levels are simply second nature.

Guitarist and vocalist Eric Gales (of the Eric Gales Band and Lauryn Hill’s band), drummer Thomas Pridgen (formerly of The Mars Volta) and Pinnick don’t waste any time bringing their A-game to this 2014 follow-up. PGP 2 kicks off with Gales’ howling guitar on “Every Step of the Way” as Pridgen and Pinnick support. Gloomy lyrics on “It’s Not My Time to Die” pull the trio into dark territory as Pinnick recounts speeding through sharp turns in his car and surviving a brutal stabbing. As each dismal scenario unfolds, Pinnick remains determined, ending each chorus with a resolute, “It’s not my time to die.”

Pinnick and Gales work in tandem on lead vocals throughout the record, passing the role back and forth from one song to the next. As Gales’ smooth baritone voice lends an edge to “Every Step of the Way,” the vocal harmonization by Gales and Pinnick at the beginning of “Have You Cried?” acts as that one standout element that makes the track truly memorable. Yet for all there is to be said about the album’s lyrical delivery, few songs place the vocals as the single point of focus. “Psychofunkadelic Blues” speaks to the sonic blend the trio achieves in their work as they mesh influences from Cream and Jimi Hendrix to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Stevie Wonder into one simultaneously complex and seamless package. Softer instrumental numbers like the delicate “LaDonna” and album closer “Jambiance” reveal the expansive range of a group that seems to hit the mark every time they strike a chord.

Set for release on July 8, PGP 2 is a solid second effort by Pinnick Gales Pridgen: a cohesive work of experimentation and precision that implies this group has much more to offer. Featuring expert musicianship and fluid technical interplay, this dynamite trio scores big on their second album to date.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Every Step of the Way
– It’s Not My Time to Die
– Watchman
– Have You Cried?

The Big Hit

– Every Step of the Way

Review by Meghan Roos

3 thoughts on “Pinnick Gales Pridgen: PGP 2 Review

  • Dug Pinnick is not formerly of King’s X. He is of King’s X.

    • Besides that, great review and I’m anxious to hear it!

  • e Angela: la mia penosa battuta era un modo come un altro per dire che la domanda 'ti è pi#ocuti?&a39; non si fa. Lo chiede chi ha bisogno di sentir soddisfatto il proprio ego. Chiedere significa non saper intrepretare l'altra persona. Va bene solo in contesti in cui si cerca un motivo per parlare un pò, come discutere del tempo. Sembro insensibile? Mmm… E' perchè non mi conoscete…


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