Shane Dwight: This House Review

This House is the ninth CD of singer/songwriter/guitarist Shane Dwight; his first through Eclecto Groove Records, though. The album includes performances by Bekka Bramlett (guest vocalist/co-writer), Steve Mackey (bassist), Lynn Williams and Kenneth Blevins (drummers), and Doug Lancio (rhythm guitarist). This compilation of twelve easy-listening tracks contains audible confidence and musical charisma.

This House executes the perfect balance of ballads and upbeat pieces, so that no one style feels overused. “This House” and “Fool” have an appealing simplicity and easygoing nature which vaguely resembles that of Jack Johnson’s material. This House intertwines various qualities from rock, country, and the blues; good examples of this being the tracks “Sing for Me (Search for Sierra)” and “Never Before” because of the very subtle undertone of a Southern drawl in Dwight’s voice—which can be heard throughout essentially the entire album—and the smokiness of the instrumental elements. Bramlett delivered a pleasantly husky and skillful vocal performance in “It’s Gonna Be Beautiful,” as well.

Referring to the voice as an instrument, Dwight did a wonderful job honing his ability to control his various vocal capabilities in the song “I’m a Bad Man,” not to mention that the piece is a perfect model for what makes the blues so sultry; it’s soulful, a little edgy, and uses great jargon for that breed of music. One of Dwight’s more rock-esque songs on This House would be “Bad for You,” while his time spent in Nashville shines through in “Crazy Today,” which definitely airs on the country side of this album. In any case, This House should surely please a wide variety of listeners with its ability to bridge the gap between multiple genres.

While This House does contain traces of various styles, it does not lack a sense of cohesion. It will be really interesting to see how Shane Dwight continues to evolve in the world of music. Contrary to the name of the track “Losing Ground,” This House has the potential to gain even more ground for him as an artist and performer.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– This House
– Fool
– Sing for Me (Search for Sierra)
– Crazy Today
– Losing Ground
– I’m a Bad Man

The Big Hit

– I’m a Bad Man

Review by Amy Shull

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