Carmen Grillo: A Different World Review

Carmen Grillo’s A Different World is the latest solo album by Grillo. Grillo has played with plenty of different artists in his tenure, but his current venture leads him down a solo path.  Grillo has already established himself with quite the resume, and A Different World is a welcome addition to his extensive catalog of music.

“Come and Gone” is the first track off the album, followed shortly by “A Real Mother For Ya.” Both tracks feature studio brass sections to compliment Grillo’s vocals and guitar playing. A funky bass-line in “A Real Mother For Ya” brings out some real dance-able vibes.  “I Got The Sauce” feels a little dated, but the instrumental only track highlights Grillo’s skill immensely, probably better than any other track on the album.

“A Different World,” the title track of the album brings up plenty of political and social issues that are faced in an ever changing world. The heaviest riffs of the album are seen on “Transatlantic Boogie.” The track features strong electric riffs and solos, proving Grillo’s versatility as an artist. “Sad State of Affairs” brings a somber mood to A Different World, but Grillo’s vocals sound smokiest on this track.

“A River of Molten Rock” is another instrumental track on the album. This is the last instrumental track on the album before segueing into “You’re The One,” which is the final track of the album. “You’re The One” is a classic ballad, which is a safe ending for the album. It leaves the listener with a comforting feeling .

A Different World is an album full of instrumental breaks, which is perfect for fans of the more technical aspect of music, but it may not be as accessible for fans of the lyrical side of music. A Different World is a very classical sounding blues album, which is fitting due to Grillo’s past in the blues world.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– A Real Mother For Ya
– Transatlantic Boogie
– A Different World
– A River of Molten Rock
– You’re The One

The Big Hit

– A Different World

Review by Alysha Rendflesh

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